Life holds a sense of wonder for me, particularly nature.

I practically grew up in walking boots and carried a rucksack on my back from a young age. With our weekends spent walking and camping on Dartmoor.

This early immersion into nature and her elements. Gave me a deep love and understanding of the seasons, weather, earth and sky, animal, insect and bird.

Cloud shadows would race across the heather brown plains like Tibetan horse riders galloping to drink from the nearest river.

As an only child, this gave me the great gift of imagination. Play was anything but solitary, with all the secret friends who would gather and greet from branch and shrub or linger on a gently swaying petal, exploring the lands I created with relish.

My gift of creativity has evolved ever since those early years, and remains a constant and loyal companion in my life.

Photography has been a self-taught craft which reflects my individual style. Capturing the essence of a moment, the outline of a tree, a wisp of falling hair, Shadow and light, contrast and texture.

I hope you can heal and gain something meaningful from my work and words, and know that we are all, on a beautiful, and grand journey together.

Both globally and at home. Often speaking in a different language, yet somehow we communicate perfectly with intuitive understanding.

My story is still being written and I look forward to sharing the next chapter with you.

Love & light. Blessings & gratitude.