One day- Lensbaby Blog Circle- Post 5

We are a global circle of Lensbaby photographers who enjoy using all different types of Lensbaby in our work. Once a month we head out for a walk and blog about it, linking to each other so that we can continue in a loop until the circle is completed. I hope you enjoy reading about my garden this month. I use a Nikon D90 & D7100 with my Lensbaby Twist 60 with a composer.

lensbaby chives.jpg

We had a dull grey, and typically wet English day, but my youngest daughter and I still decided to forage into the garden together to make fairy potions and collect some flowers for our butterflies that we had watched hatch from caterpillars, they were almost ready to be released into the wild! I have a little raised bed area where I like to plant seasonal vegetables. I do love the yearly appearnace of gorgeous purple blooms from my Chive plant. They taste delicious snipped into salads or in little cheese and potato pies.

lensbaby wisteria.jpg
lensbaby  flowergirl.jpg
lensbaby  flowergirl 2.jpg
lensbaby wisteria 2.jpg

The top image is the adorable pink and very tiny fairy cup, which was hidden on the table amongst the falling wisteria blossom ready to be filled at moonlight with a delicious tea of nectar! My youngest at work, foraging for the finest ingredients to make this magical and special brew.

lensbaby border flowers.jpg
lensbaby  flowers.jpg
lensbaby  purple flower.jpg
lensbaby  flower.jpg

There was certainly a darker feel to our garden potter, as the thunder clouds gathered above our heads, but somehwow it added to the excitement and atmosphere. I did however learn a crucial lesson that when working in manual mode, not be tempted to push my ISO up ridiculously high above the normal range, as the grain in most of these images were terrible. Something I am still learning and need to work on. Thank you to the lovely Janet for guiding me on this. X

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