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My Story

Recently I fell back in love with Photography and took it upon myself to attend professionally run courses so that I could create an additional visual storyboard with my own style of photography that reflected who I am and what captures my minds eye.

Over this time I came to learn that I am a creative visualiser. With a multitude of strings to my bow such as sketched drawings, writing, lino printing, jewellery and photography.

I have travelled to many countries having been blessed to first enter this amazing world in Malta. Then in my youth taking trips to drive and camp around northern France, taking in Spain, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Italy, America and my spiritual home Canada. Part of my journey saw me living for a few years and studying interior design in Portugal. Trekking across the Caramulo Mountains, exploring the dizzy heights of Pousadas ( ancient religious buildings) to the vast stretches of beautiful coastline. Tasting, drinking and seeing sights that will always stay with me. These experiences have helped shape me and my outlook on life, people and the world.

Now I have a family of my own. Those heady days of travel are of a different type, that have kept me more rooted to British shores and the breadth of her land and seas. It has opened up my inner child to see the world through their eyes and their wonder as they explore the craggy rocks shielding it’s sealife, tasting the salty waves on skin and pulling aside windswept moorland hair wisps. Dartmoor in particular holds a special place in my heart. From as young as eight through to my teenage years have been spent hiking her hilly cairns and deep river valleys. Passing by ancient woodlands, climbing Granite Tors that are steeped in folklore tales. All embraced me, welcomed me and taught me how to read and respect the elements of weather with her changeable skies.

My camera is always with me, capturing subtle light changes, flora and fauna sitting alongside old architecture and moments that catch my eye.


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